Yes. Anon Shrug is a pseudonym. You’re probably wondering why I’m using it. I like giving people the benefit of the doubt and I use symbolism a lot. Nevertheless, after reading through, I’m pretty sure you’ll find out why. Writing about one’s self is pretty hard so I’ll use the acrostics instead, but with more depth.

AWKWARD AMBIVERT. I can be quite oblivious and slow to some of the social principles we have today. Add a cup of extroversion and another of introversion into the mix and you’ve got one twisted medley.

BEWILDERING BLUR. I come off as a thin string to a lot of people, but once a conversation strums, I get lost within my thoughts along with the people I talk to.

CONFUSED CHESSBOARD. I always turn towards complexity and a bit of chaos to go along with it.

DOUBTFUL DAYDREAMER. Possibilities stretch way beyond what is visible, and the line between what is realized and what is imagined gets hazier everyday.

ECLECTIC EXISTENTIALIST. I really love reading about philosophy and building up my own.

FIXED FLUX. Ironic, isn’t it?

GLIB GHOST. Despite my awkwardness, I don’t find initiating conversations uneasy.

HYSTERICAL HAZE. I have issues with focus. I tend to lose… Oh look! A penny!

IMAGINATIVE ILLUSTRATOR. Illustration isn’t limited to lines and canvasses. It stretches from ideas into places beyond one’s vision.

LUKEWARM. I think everybody is.

MAD MUSE. Art is my dearest language, music my ventilator, and literature my voice. Some of my favorite genres are Classical, Symphonic Rock, Symphonic Metal, Trailer Music, Pop Baroque, Rock and Alternative Rock. I’m a fan of Globus, E.S. Posthumus, The Glitch Mob, Two Steps from Hell, Atra Aeterna and Les Friction.

NOVICE. This is my first blog and I really have a lot to learn.

OBLIVIOUS OWL. My day (technically, it should be night) really begins at 10 in the evening.

RESTLESS READER. Once pages start turning, there’s no turning back!

WOBBLY WRITER. I’m currently working on a Utopian turned dystopian story. However, I still have a lot of work and learning ahead of me. I really hope I’d be able to finish this one and share it with others soon.

That’s all I have for now but I’ll be finishing this soon. I hope you enjoy my works here but please don’t copy them without my permission. Your comments are very much appreciated. Kudos to you, fellow blogger!


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