I respect the diversity of people’s religious systems. I’ve been contemplating a lot on my religious views lately and asking myself the same question I’ve been trying to solve for months. How did I become an agnostic? Is it merely an inclination or a choice? After days of reflecting on this matter, I have come to a better understanding. Being agnostic is a decision I am truly accountable for. I’ve considered countless factors in understanding the sides of the presence and absence of divine intervention. It is impossible to either prove or disprove the existence of an omnipotent being. Given this thing which we call existence and guided both by reason and instinct, I am merely given uncertainty accompanied with an understanding of my diverse, multipolar potentials. I choose to think that I wasn’t promised another life beyond what I currently have, but I do not disregard its possibility. My reason is simple. The now is the only reality I am able to perceive, that I am willing to accept. Seeking life beyond the realm I am in disregards the existence that I believe I already have at the moment. It is more reasonable for me to work within this realm, striving to imprint as many positive footprints in it, so that at the time I depart this existence, it is conclusive that it is more beneficial for it to have my existence than not at all.


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